New Earth Healing

The transformative love of Mother Earth


Envision yourself holding a deck of cards.

Upon each card is a picture.

On that Picture is a Story that has been created from your life.

Begin to flip through the deck and see all the Stories you have Created.

Who is on the cards?

What scenario is being played out?

How are these people and places holding a certain Space in your life?

How are these Stories taking up reserves of your Energy to Maintain their existence?

Look at Each one.

How necessary is it to this present moment?

Look at one.

Try to understand it fully in 10 seconds.

Look at the next one with the same intensity.

And Continue with this Mindset; Looking at all the Cards in the deck.

Can you? 

Is it possible to fully comprehend all the stories in your life in 10 Seconds? Is a resolution even possible?

Let’s just look at them.

Each Card.

Hold Each one With Affection and Love. 

Thank it for being a part of you.

For it is your consciousness trying to understand the Vastness of the Love that is within us all.

Appreciate it for what it is bringing your awareness to.

So you can See the Expansiveness of Love and the Many forms it can Take.

Breathe golden light into your heart, filling it with joy.

With Tender Hands, bring your cards into your heart.

Allow your own joy of your heart to Fully Accept these Stories and let them be Transformed. 

Now give yourself the gift of personal freedom by letting them go.

Create a Grounding Chord from your Heart to the Earth’s Core and Let them Go.

Accept our Life.

Love it.

Let it Go.

Grounding Techniques

Using Elemental Breath work, Center into your Body. Connect your Physical Body with the Elements that sustain Life on our Planet.


Breathe in through your nose and out through your nose. As you Breathe in, send your attention to the Earth that holds us up. With Each Breath, breathe in the Earth And Feel it moving through your Bones—the Foundation for what holds our Physical Bodies together. Feel the Earth Strengthen your Foundations within yourself. You are Strong like the Trees. The wind may blow, but the roots are Firmly in the Mother’s Womb. Continue to Breathe in through the nose and out through the nose, see with your Inner Eye the strength in your own Bones as you Hold yourself together Every day. You are a Tree.


Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. It is Fluid as the water moves through you. Envision yourself breathing in a waterfall flowing down from Source into your nose; feel it cleanse your Mind as it flows out of your mouth. As you Breathe, feel the water in your own Blood. The water that moves through our planet, flows in our own Bodies. We are becoming one with the Earth, for we are intrinsically a part of Nature. Feel the cleansing waves of Life move through your veins; you are the Great Oceans that give Life to us all.


Breathe in through your Mouth and out through your Nose. When you Breathe in, feel it originate from the Center of your Being, your Solar Plexus. Feel the Sun Enter into your body and energize your Entire Being. You are the Sun, the Center of the Universe resides in your Being.This breathing technique can burn up anything you no longer need as well as give fire to anything new you want to create in your life.


Breathe in through your mouth and out through your mouth. Feel the Breath of Life enter in through your lungs and awaken every cell in your body. Just as the Great Wind moves across the Earth, so does it Move through us. Remember the Biblical story of Adam and Eve, Spirit Breathed Life into their Beings. Breathe life into your own Being now. We are as Free as the Wind and we have Permission to Fly and Soar across the sky; Because the Wind is of the Earth we are always Connected and need not Fear of Flying too High. We are the Wind, We move Across the Earth with Gentility and Fierceness. Feel the Wind blow away any unwanted energy that is no longer serving you.

Feel your Body Become the different Elements. The Earth is not something you connect to outside of yourself, it is Intrinsically in your Being. You are made to Glorify the Earth and Become one with Her Majesty! Feel your body Become One with your Surroundings. You are the Earth and she will support you as you support yourself in your Personal Growth.

Integration Techniques

I’ve noticed that whenever I have a Spiritual experience, where I have transformed and released who I was to become who I am—the after effects of that Spiritual transformation leave me feeling spacey and out of it and inherently not me. I am in transition, going from one stage to the next, so it makes sense that I will feel strange. As if I am jumping over a cliff, and I know that I will reach the other side because I have confidence in myself, but it’s like that one moment right at the top when I am neither here or there.

And it is unnerving. But it’s all right. I have developed, with Spirit, a new way to help integrate, it’s a cocoon meditation. Because as we shed our skin, we become closer to transcending our caterpillar form to take flight like the Butterflies we are! We are constantly Transforming! And this has helped me during those transformation moments.

It’s a meditation practice, so you’ll want to center yourself before you begin. Ground your energy by creating a chord that drops from your Root Chakra to the center of the earth, and pull up the Earth Mother’s energy to connect you to this physical plane. Do the full body breaths to really feel your body and push out any energy that is not yours. Once you feel centered and grounded, pull up the Mother Earth energy to encircle your body like a cocoon. Really see it, and feel it comforting you and holding you as you go through this transformation process. Then, pull down pink rose quartz energy from heaven and surround the earth energy with it, with the intention of integrating the transformation. Then fill in the inside of the cocoon with the same pink, eternal love and compassion energy. Continue to breathe intentionally through the nose and into the belly deeply, all the while repeating what it is that you are integrating, what is new for you, what is your truth! Continue this until you are ready to emerge; there will be a deep inner knowing that will reveal to you when you can break free of the cocoon and be on the other side of that chasm we just jumped from! You will feel like yourself again, and ready to take on the world!

Drink lots of water and be gentle with yourself, for you have just emerged from one state of being to another! You are transformed! Give lots of gratitude to yourself for being so brave to transform your state, and love and compassion as you ease into being a butterfly.

There is a quote, that I can’t quite remember, but it describes the growing edge for a Butterfly. Once out of the cocoon, it’s wings are wet, and if it tries to fly immediately, it will die because it hasn’t given itself ample time to let the wings dry. This is very much true. We must give ourselves permission, and patience to be with ourselves before we fly off to our next adventure. Allow ourselves time to just be with ourselves, getting to know who we are now, without the imput of anyone else.

I wish you all the best on your transformation efforts and hope this works out well for all of you! Love you all very much!


Love vs. Fear

It really is just as simple as that. Choosing the path of love over fear. To live a life based from fear means that every action is taken to ensure your survival for fear of death. It means that when you eat, you do so because you don’t want your body to die from starvation. The path of love means all of your actions are done out of love. Not because you require it to survive, or because you are trying to ensure the evolution of the human race (fight or flight), but because it brings you joy, the love of Spirit brings you happiness and love; you come alive with love!

When our actions are taken from a relaxed place of Love, Gratitude, and a Neutral Mind we can transcend the fear based reality we have created. For what is fear but our body’s natural response to try and protect our being from death in unknown situations. When I start to think about how I’ve been living my life, from this viewpoint, I find that it comes down to comfort. I had become comfortable living in this fear based reality! Fight or flight! Survival of the fittest! Living simply to live and survive in this world!! In this mindset, my body was aware that every action was safe to undertake because my mind knew what to expect. The action, and the expected response was hard wired into my brain, and that is comforting; to know that I can never get hurt.

I knew that if I ate chocolate, my body would be happy. Comfort food. Not because my body needed it, or because I love my body and want it to be healthy and happy—but because my mind equates the endorphins from chocolate with comfort. I ate because I was afraid to feel the pain, the discomfort and the stress. Out of fear, I ate chocolate. Not because it was pleasant and I love myself, and wanted myself to feel the love that is chocolate. To allow myself to become full from the energy that is the sweet chocolate, that is Love itself.

When I started to practice energy work on myself, I realized that I did it out of fear of not feeling the pain, not because I wanted the highest healing for my Soul’s expression of pure Love. The other day I had an experience where I asked the Great Mother for her energy so that I could transcend the pain I was in and continue to reach my highest potential. And at first I was terrified, because it was unknown, different, and quite frankly overwhelming. And then something magical happened; a child walked up to me and asked me if I was okay. I replied that I was, but that pulled me out of my state of fear. I stopped and realized how it appeared to this child; I was clinging to the Tree I was sitting under for dear life! Once I saw myself through the eyes of a child, (that of unconditional love), I switched gears. I didn’t want to ask for the Great Mother’s help because of fear or to feel fear as I embraced this new truth. I didn’t want to be afraid of her Vastness. She is just Spirit after all, just one I wasn’t familiar with! I wanted her help because I love myself so much that I wanted to heal, and grow, so that my Spirit can love and play freely!

That is the choice we all have, to continue to make our decisions out of fear, or because we love ourselves! And this means being conscious of every action. Every thought, every breath, becoming aware of our whole being. Making certain that we choose the path of Love over fear.

If you feel resistance when you begin this new philosophy, notice it. Simply become aware of where you are. Love that. Make it a practice; to make every decision out of love. When you go to eat, say, “I eat this food because I choose to feel the love that is this fruit and feel the Love flow effortlessly within me! Not because I am afraid of death.” “I go to work today because I love what I do, and it fills me with Love, not because I am afraid of not being able to support myself and of living on the streets.” Love to create more love!

When you take actions based from Love, everything moves smoother. You move at a steady, flowing pace. Where you are IN the flow, you have BECOME the flow. You have given attention to your intention, and that transforms your life. That is where our personal power comes from. When you attend to what you intend, and intentionally choose to act out of Love, you will see your whole life transform. Because we DESERVE to feel this Love. It is our Birth Right! Not because I’m afraid of the pain. Thank the pain. Love the pain! Love the discomfort because it is a catalyst to get us to do the things we love so that we don’t feel the pain. But, pain is love. All emotions are Spirit. Seeing that all is Spirit, we give ourselves permission to feel it all, without the fear. With the neutrality and Liberation of Love, we give ourselves permission to feel all of life without the fear.

When we are afraid, it taints even the most Spiritual experience. Because there is a tenseness, and the underlying thought that we could die, that we are harming ourselves, that we shouldn’t be doing this. Wanting to stay in our comfort zones, and maybe even being afraid of no longer being accepted—because we have changed. Of not knowing where to go or how to experience life the same way as before. I say this because I’ve been there. I know, and I understand. And when I make decisions out of fear, I feel lost. But when I make them out of Love, because I deserve to feel Love flow abundantly, I can feel the Love of Spirit, taking care of me. Loving me. Guiding me. I can relax into the experience, and know that in the feeling of transition, I am held and Loved so dearly by all of my Guides and Angels and the Mother below me and the Father above me.

And above all, we must be kind, and gentle with ourselves as we make this transition from one of Fear to one of Love. Accepting where we were, and acknowledging that it is only a platform to lead us to where we are going. To what lies ahead of us, within us. If we slip up and make a decision out of fear, it’s okay. Because we’ve been raised in that society for most of our lives. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it will take longer than One day to remove an old structure and replace it with a new one. So we must invoke the feeling of Compassion as we transition and move and grow and Love ourselves fully.

And when I think about how most of my fear based actions were because I was afraid of dying, I realize that death is not real. It is an illusion! We are eternal, we are Spirit, we are LOVE. Love cannot die, because it just is. Love is everything. It is the air we breathe, it is the water we drink, the earth we walk upon and the fire that transforms all! If we must think of death, think of it as rebirth! As shedding our skin, to find the jewel at the center of our being. We are Love and to think anything else is a disrespect to our eternal being. We are not separate from God, we are all that was, all that will be and all that is possible! Every time we “die” we are just shedding all that is keeping us from realizing our truth.

So decisions out of the fear of dying, are decisions from the illusion of death. Now is the time to pierce the veils of illusion, and allow Spirit to flow freely. Let our decisions be from a place of Love. Out of the Love of Life. This life is a Gift, this life is Heaven. When we can accept that, we can realize that we have the freedom to enjoy everything in this world—we transcend death into Eternal Life. We love because it makes us feel alive because Love IS Life! To love is to Live! Let’s live our lives in Love.

Divine Child Meditation

Just like the full body breaths, this meditation exercise employs transforming oxygen into divine energies to heal and nourish your entire being. As before, breathe deeply into the stomach, but this time we’re bringing our awareness to our feet, imagining the golden energy filling every crevice, nook and cranny of our body.

This golden energy travels from our feet up to our ankles, holding our calves, tickling our knees, loving our thighs—really filling and giving attention to all of us. Breath in as far as you can and then exhale fully, the next breath will continue where the last breath stopped off; fill every section, your pelvis, and your hips—allow this breath to fully love your stomach, all the way to your rib cage. Every bone, breast, each shoulder, allow it to fall down to the tips of your fingers and back up to your collar bone. Golden light continues to travel up your neck, chin, ears, mouth, nose, eyes, and forehead, hair! Really feel the divine grace of Spirit love every single part of you, for this is the depth and truth of Spirit. We are a vessel for Spirit; let’s give ourselves permission to feel this expansive love!

Once you feel centered in Spirit, feel a chord drop from your base into the center of the Earth, connecting you to the Eternal Mother that supports us all. Just as you breathed Golden Divinity into your body, breathe up the Earth into your body, starting with your feet; follow the same breath path as the previous exercise. Really feel the comforting warmth of the Earth Mother love your body and energize you. Do the two energies feel different? Take note of that! Now you are grounded and centered in the loving and healing energies of the formless Father and the solid Mother. Your Body and Mind are centered and calm, your Energetics are rejuvenated and revitalized and your Spirit is comforted by the love of the Eternal Parents. This is the Love story that creates the Divine Child. Feel our God Parents support us, hold us, and create the space for our child to love and play freely.

Once you feel comfortable breathing in these two energies, begin to alternate the parental breaths. One, breathe in Golden Father energy to the front of your being and exhale; two, breathe up Earth Mother energy to the back of your being and exhale. Continue this alternative breathing exercise and notice how they feel; the Father is supportive and playful while the Mother is nurturing and graceful. Become full, feeling the yin and the yang of the two energies completing you. Like the yin and the yang, one side is golden light while the other is dark and robust. We’re going to merge these two energies together now. Begin to breathe deeply into your stomach and pull up your breath to the center of your forehead.

Imagine that each breath from your Stomach to your Mind’s eye is blending the two energies together. The breath is the spoon that stirs them into a spinning union at the Center of your forehead. We are pulling the energy from the Center of our body to the Center of our mind, merging together our Body, Mind, and Spirit. Continue this “stirring” breath until you feel the energies completely merge together. You will know they have merged when you feel the two energies explode into a white bliss and your heart expand; the Divine Child has been born! Pull that energy down into the core of your Body and expand it with your breath. Each breath expands that white Divine Child energy to your entire body, from your Center outward. Allow this energy to fill you, and remind you of the simplicity and innocence of unconditional childlike love! As it expands, a white pearl will travel up and position itself into your crown; once it is settled, a flower will open to reveal the Christ Child with his arms wide open, full of unconditional childlike love! Feel his playful nature comfort you and remind you that we are all Children of God. Thank the Divine Mother and the Divine Father for their graces, and the Child for coming out to play!

Remember, we always have access to this state of awareness, we simply have to ask for it!

Namaste, loved ones!

Centering yourself

Find a comfortable position for yourself as we begin the meditation which is on centering yourself. I personally like to sit cross-legged on the floor. Once you’ve found a position you feel comfortable in, close your eyes and begin to bring your awareness to your breath. Use your mind’s eye to follow the path of your breath as it enters into your nostrils, and travels through your sinus cavity down into your diaphragm. Focus on the way the air feels. What do you smell? Imagine the cool and cleansing life giving oxygen traveling through your nostrils until it rests in between the center of your eyes. Focus your attention here as you continue to mindfully breathe and center your energy. After you feel comfortable with this, start to shift the awareness of your breathing from the center of your eyes to your stomach. Feel each intake of air fill your stomach up like a balloon and then exhale fully by pulling in your navel and expelling all the air. Continue this until you feel comfortable and can automatically breathe deeply into the stomach and exhale fully. On the next in breath, breathe into your stomach, but pull the oxygen up your rib cage, and feeling your chest cavity expand with air. Envision yourself being filled like a cup is filled with life sustaining water. Continue to fill yourself and pull up the oxygen to your upper chest, neck and eventually to your head. We are filling our bodies with this nourishing energy. On the exhale we allow the air to release, we are emptying our body. Starting from the head, allow your body to begin to relax as the air releases; your shoulders and chest fall as you pull in your navel as far as it will go until your body is completely empty. Then you start the process all over again, these are full body breaths. It might take some time for your body to get used to this type of breathing so remember to be gentle with yourself as you teach your body, mind and spirit a new way to breathe.

Transformative healing!

New Earth Healing

The Transformative healing powers of Mother Earth

Do you keep repeating the same issues in life over and over again?

Do you feel your life is “on repeat?”

Do you want to learn how to overcome this cycle and move forward?

Do you feel frustrated?

Does this frustration interfere with your school, work, or social life?

Inspirational speaker Julia Butterfly Hill said, “100 percent of the time our gifts come from our weaknesses… 100 percent of the time.” I firmly believe this!

Situations keep repeating themselves to bring out a gift within us; waiting for us to take the leap and change our routine. But we become discouraged and tend to give up before we can find the gift hidden within these situations.

I create a safe and healing space where together we can look at your blockages and turn them around to find the gift within them.  

I surround your body with three types of divine energy: angelic healing energy, golden neutral love and comforting mother earth energy to help transform these blockages into gifts.

First you will begin to see past issues with love. We then focus the healing energy to a specific issue, beginning the transformation process. By asking questions intuitively, I will help you speak from the heart and come to an understanding of what action steps you can take to shift your situation and find the hidden gifts to help you on your life’s journey.

The session begins with a brief chakra clearing, enabling your body to fully integrate and aid the healing process. The after-effects can range from feeling very relaxed to very empowered with the knowledge of how to change your life for the better!

Contact Mystique Moore at 661-599-0122 or to schedule an appointment. Sessions can range from 30 to 60 minutes. Donation based and exchanges are welcome!


To see it, accept it, love it and then let it go.



Flower Meditation

Flower Meditation

I’ve posted this before, but I thought I would start out this blog with some old meditations before I post new ones. :) Enjoy.


Flowers open in the morning and close in the evening. As the sun rises it wakes up the flower to play in the light of the day and at night as the flower closes the moon comes out and whispers into the flower’s ear; secrets about the mysteries of life.The moon’s insights fall to the earth in the form of water, little droplets of information, truths and insights to the flower’s true nature. It falls into the center of its being, trickling into the stem nourishing the flower as it sleeps. Sometimes the flower isn’t able to fully understand the moon’s wisdom and as the sun comes up, it dries up the moon’s dew gems.

But by listening to its heart, the flower will have access to all the information that the moon has shared with her, even if she doesn’t understand it in its entirety. When the sun shines bright, it invites the flower to laugh and play and move and dance and shine its radiance upon the earth and its fellow inhabitants. When the sun has had its fun, it returns to the center of the earth and allows the moon to come out and play in its own way; with rituals, and its calming magic.

She showers the flower with love and intuition and the dew falls to its heart and slowly travels down its stem and as she sleeps, it integrates into the flower’s essence, affecting its color and soft fragrance. All of this happens daily, and we humans pass by it without a second thought. The only way we know of this magic is by going up to the flower and smelling it, or taking the time to notice the layers of color on each petal. Flowers are a constant reminder of the beauty and majesty and splendor of the divine truth that we are. Flowers don’t go looking for people or other flowers, and say “hey come smell my sweet nectar!” or “look at my beautiful colors!” or “see how I’ve transcended the laws of nature!!” No, they just absorb the energy and love that is all around them and in turn emit the most beautiful fragrances and colors ever imaginable.

They are beauty and divinity. It is up to us to take the time and go up to the flowers and learn from them the secrets that the universe imparts to them, so that we can accept our own beauty and divinity. To accept it; without guilt, or denying it. Have you ever seen a flower that is denying its own truth? Saying, “NO I don’t want to bloom today!” “I don’t feel like creating the most beautiful, soft and pleasant smell or sharing my glowing glory with the world”. No!  Flowers accept their divinity and majesty— just as the world turns, and the sun and moon appear to rise and fall with the turning of the day.

When the sun sets and the moon rises, the flower closes up to rest and regain its energy so that in the morning it can once again wow us with its immeasurable beauty and majesty.

And when the flower has done this, and in due time, its petals will fall off and wilt to the ground. The bees that were sharing in the creation and expansion of life will move on and the flower will die. But the plant lives on, in hibernation, waiting for the winter to pass and the spring to once again bring new life. The flower is just one part of the plant; it never truly dies. It lives on, and goes through the seasons and the cycles of nature with ease, without complaining. For that is the nature of life. It hibernates as it gets colder, listening and learning from its surroundings, waiting patiently until spring so that it can bloom once again. And it knows more now than it did the season before and shines ever more radiantly in its truth. And the cycle continues. It blooms and then it dies so that it can bloom again.

As do we.

Find a nice place in the sun; if you can be in the water and the sun, that is even better. But if not, you can imagine that you are in water!

(If you are in water) Feel the water nurture your body, your stem. Your roots are digging deep into the earth and soaking up its nourishing energy. Your soul is being fed by the calming water and the healing earth. Feel the water move through your body as the blood runs through your veins and feel the earth in your bones.

Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, so flows the water and blood throughout your body. In through the nose and out through the nose, pull up the earth as it moves through your skeletal system, reminding you that like our bones, the Earth is the foundation that hold us up. Raise your hands to the sky and allow the sun to warm your whole being, breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose and feel the suns radiant life force energize you.

As you breathe, feel your heart flower begin to blossom open as you open yourself up to the beauty of this life. Feel this flower open and move up to your crown and open wider to accept the sun into your whole being—warming you, and nourishing your mind, body and spirit. Continue these breaths and allow the love of the universe to flow freely through you. See yourself as a lotus flower, floating on the surface of the water, but still tethered to the mother. As you continue to breathe and pull these elemental energies into your body, feel your heart expand with love for all of life. And as the plants give us oxygen to live, by drawing from these Earthly energies, so do we feed the world with our love.

This performs the same task as oxygen does; it is life giving, healing, moving and the magic that shifts the world. Be like the flowers. Accept your divinity. Blossom each day with the intention to create love tangibly for all to feel, in whatever medium your flower chooses. By accepting this purpose in life (to be like the flowers) we can change the world from one full of weeds to a magical Eden—a sanctuary of the most beautiful flowers and exotic plants and species we have ever seen.

A temple of divine beings, living in harmony with each other. Creating love and peace. Let us learn from the flowers, and transcend from being an ordinary plant to becoming an extraordinary being of God.

New Earth Healing

Spirit has moved me to this new path, to start offering my healing services to help people to reach their highest potential using New Earth Energy—an energy modality that utilizes the transformative powers of the Earth to help you reach the highest healing possible. To help remove blockages, understand where you’re at, why you’re there and to empower you to heal yourself. To help you transform your blockages and turn them into a gift!
I will post meditations on this blog, as well as different tools to help you on your journey so that you can be empowered daily to grow and deepen your relationship with Spirit. My toolbox includes, divine energy, New Earth energy, Angelic energy, Goddess energy and elemental breath work. I work with my guides, angels, and your guides to help usher you into a place of love.

I can work over the phone, or in person, so let me know what is best for you. I want to work with you on your journey; helping you to help yourself. I welcome open and honest communication and I look forward to getting to know all of you!